Liquid Natural Gas

Braemar Engineering is a world leader in LNG projects.

Braemar Engineering offers a unique service to clients in the industry, providing engineering and consulting services from the well head to the end user.

Our capabilities cover the technical supply chain of LNG from liquefaction, export facilities, ship/shore compatibility studies, design, construction oversight, commissioning testing and operation of LNG carriers, LNG barges and LNG bunkering in the marine environment.

Braemar Engineering has a very diverse client base. On the Marine side, we provide technical support services to LNG shippers, charterers, international shipyards, shipowners and parties requiring ship/shore interface studies.

We provide technical support services to owners and developers of onshore LNG projects including LNG import and export terminals; LNG peak-shaving plants; LNG as transportation fuel; LNG trucking and distribution and satellite facilities; LNG bunkering terminals; and other applications using LNG as fuel.

Deeply involved in offshore LNG projects, Braemar Engineering provides services on floating LNG production units (FLNG) and floating storage and regasification units (FSRU).

Over the past ten years, Braemar Engineering has been involved in projects that have delivered over 106 LNG carriers, and have provided Owner’s Engineer services on an offshore US LNG FLNG project and several FSRU projects across the globe.

For more than 15 years, Braemar Engineering’s team of experts has provided a variety of engineering and consultancy services to the majority of North American LNG export facilities and North American LNG import facilities; several North American LNG peak-shaving projects and many of the proposed worldwide LNG import and export Facilities and LNG bunkering facility projects.

Braemar Engineering leads the way in the use of LNG as fuel for vessels not carrying LNG as cargo and is a Founder Member of SGMF (Society For Gas as a Marine Fuel).

LNG Ashore

  • We at Braemar Engineering treat your project as if we ourselves were the client; protecting your best interests by putting safety first, while at the same time remaining cost conscious in providing an operable, safe solution that meets the budget constraints of the project. Braemar Engineering applies its many years of expertise to all areas of the onshore LNG facilities industry and in particular, the following:

    Owner’s Engineering and project management

    As experts in LNG, Braemar Engineering will undertake the role of Owner’s Engineer or Project Manager, acting as an extension to the client’s project team. Our team of experts have themselves been owners – operating in import facilities, export facilities and LNG peak-shaving facilities over the past 45 years – this knowledge base providing the clients with a unique range of specialised services.

    Feasibility and siting studies

    Braemar Engineering works with many clients at the conceptual stages of the project, performing feasibility studies and siting study options on proposed site locations.

    Regulatory permitting support for new, refurbishment and expansion projects

    Our LNG team specialises in the coordination efforts between regulatory agencies and the client. We have extensive experience working with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), Maritime Administration(MARAD) and state and local permitting processes for LNG import and export projects. Braemar Engineering’s experts are continually reviewing the most current regulations and codes.

    Preliminary design through Front End Engineering Design (FEED), construction oversight, start-up, commissioning and training

    Braemar Engineering’s staff have been involved in many FEED studies for clients over the past 35 years. Braemar Engineering conducts process design reviews and oversight of engineering on behalf of the owner during FEED as well as detailed engineering of LNG liquefaction plants, export/receiving facilities, and LNG bunkering facilities.

    The FEED studies carried out involve working with the client to frame the required deliverables from the FEED, and assist in:

    • Developing the scope of work and other contract documents
    • Selecting qualified contractors and equipment vendors
    • Engineering design
    • Preparing terms and conditions
    • Delivering a schedule
    • Performing technical reviews of drawings, design specifications, heat and material balances and calculations performed by Enginnering Procurement Construction (EPC) contractors
    • Overseeing and providing engineering support to construction activities
    • Providing coordination between EPC and regulatory agencies
    • Start-up and commissioning activities
    • Employee training, Operations & Maintenance (O&M), and procedures manuals
    • Cost estimates of Capital and Operating Expenditures (CAPEX and OPEX)

    Braemar Engineering works with clients to ensure business acquisition due diligence; carry out terminal safety and code compliance audits; LNG tank inspections; energy and thermography audits; LNG commercial supply chain evaluation and other support services.

LNG Marine Transportation

  • Braemar Engineering has built a reputation for expertise in the carriage of bulk cargoes including LPG, oil, oil products and chemicals. World leaders in LNG carrier design, construction and operation. Braemar Engineering, and its personnel, have been involved in projects delivering over 100 LNG carriers into service in the last ten years.Our team of experts has been involved in some of the most innovative and technically challenging projects of recent years, culminating in the delivery of vessels that have significantly enhanced environmental protection, safety and operability.


    Braemar Engineering’s expertise is used in all areas of the marine industry and in particular the following:

    • Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
    • Detailed Engineering Design
    • New construction oversight and site supervision
    • Conversions, retrofits, dry dockings and refits
    • Surveys and audits
    • Cargo and mooring operations
    • Risk assessment (HAZID/HAZOP)
    • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) for LNG fuelling systems for two and four stroke diesel propulsion systems

    Our projects include

    • Research and review of intended locations and trading routes
    • Development of optimum vessel design and fleet composition
    • Development of operational requirements
    • Review of Technical as well as commercial considerations to achieve those end requirements

    Project development

    Braemar Engineering is involved in all stages of project development, including:

    • Assessment of project/owner requirements
    • Development of vessel design
    • Preparation of vessel specifications
    • Evaluation of shipyard tenders and building specifications
    • Technical and commercial discussions with shipyards
    • Detailed design review and plan approval
    • Supervision of construction
    • Oversight of equipment shop testing
    • Supervision and witnessing of machinery and electrical equipment commissioning
    • Coordination and monitoring of sea trials

    Braemar Engineering has been involved in projects that have delivered more than 100 LNG carriers of all types into the marine market since 2005.

LNG Bunkering

  • Braemar Engineering, through its roles in the design and construction of LNG carriers, is at the forefront of technological advances in the use of LNG as a marine fuel. We have the expertise and experience to address this during vessel design or as conversion project and retro fit.Our expertise allows us to carry out studies using not only LNG as a fuel, but also, among others, LPG, ethane, and methanol.In addition these studies explore a range of industrial applications, including:
    • Use of cargo as fuel on ships
    • On ship bunkering
    • New building
    • Retrofit and conversion to burning LNG
    • On shore facilities
    • Power generating plants
    • Large industrial manufacturing plants
    • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) for LNG fuelling systems for two and four stroke diesel propulsion systems

    On shore, Braemar Engineering is seeing a movement away from conventional fuel oil for generating power in large, remote industrial plants, by operators wishing to use more environmentally accepted fuels and with a lower cost base.

    We have assisted in the design and development of these applications as well as evaluating and developing the logistics of the LNG supply chain and the changeover between fuel types along with determining the best LNG storage solution.

    Braemar Engineering is a founder member of the Society for Gas as Marine Fuel (SGMF).

LNG Afloat – FSRU, FSU and FLNG

  • Braemar Engineering is unique in its experience in LNG afloat. Projects include Floating LNG (FLNG) production units, Floating Storage and Regasification Units (FSRUs) and Floating Storage Units (FSUs).

    Major projects include

    • Technical due diligence for financial institutions for the design, conversion and operation for an FSRU currently in service.
    • Design review and development of FSRU regasification plant.
    • Writing and auditing safety and operating manuals for FSRUs currently in service.
    • Owner’s Engineers in Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and pre-FEED studies.

    Additionally, Braemar Engineering offers and has carried out

    • Preparation of vessel operating and safety manuals
    • Advice to owners on operation of their vessels and port facilities
    • Studies on cargo operations and operational safety
    • Compatibility studies (land based and STS)
    • Risk assessments (HAZID/HAZOP)
    • Detailed technology assessments
    • Risk analysis
    • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) for process and control plant

    Working with our sister company Braemar Seascope LNG, We are able to offer both technical and commercial studies for all of our activities.

LNG Barging

  • Braemar Engineering is at the forefront of design development of LNG barging capability and is currently involved in the review of, and design of, LNG barges using conventional and new containment systems.

    Braemar Engineering is also involved in :

    • Ship bunkering
    • Inland water transportation
    • New building
    • Retrofit
    • Floating power generating plants
    • Floating LNG regasification and storage
    • Large industrial manufacturing plants