MSC Napoli

Key Project Information

Divisions: Technical
Project Time Scale: 15 months 
Project total value: £7.5 million

Length: 275m
Beam: 37m
Tonnage: 53,409 GT

The largest vessel of its kind when launched, the MSC Napoli was carrying 2318 containers on board (a cargo in excess of 45,000 ton) when, due to structural failure and the imminent threat of sinking in the busy English Channel, the vessel was intentionally beached in Lime bay to reduce the risk of blocking the main shipping channel. The shore response was a team project managed by Braemar (Incorporating the Salvage Association) using Braemar Howells for Pollution / Recovery Response.

Scope of works, equipment and services provided

Response Team

As the Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) Oil Spill Response contractor, Braemar’s first priority was to reduce the risk of contamination from the oil spill by the deployment of booms. We later utilized our high speed jet boats and shoreline response teams to carry out the predetermined incident plans.

Decontamination and Waste Disposal

Using our experience and technical expertise from prior incidents, we designed, built and operated a decontamination wash down facility. The facility allowed the wash down of containers, their contents and contaminated cargo landed ashore by the salvage operators. The resultant waste was disposed of in compliance with the Environmental Agency guidelines.

Hazardous Cargo Handling

As the UK Government’s MCA Hazardous Tier 3 HNS Response Team provider. Our experience & expertise allowed us to deal with damaged containers and the resultant Hazardous Material transfer to suitable holding containers.

Shoreline Cleanup

Members of the Braemar Howells staff, working with Braemar (Incorporating The Salvage Association), project managers for P&I & the MCA, undertook shoreline cleanup and removal of significant washed ashore oiled debris. The debris was then disposed in a controlled manner to correspond with the EA agreed waste disposal plan.

Removal of Sea Bed Debris and Stranded Containers

To recover sunken debris from the wreck and sunken cargo containers from remote shoreline locations. We managed and utilised divers, salvage support vessels and associated equipment.

Key Services Provided

  • Incident Management Team liaise with MCA, Port Authority, EA, P&I Club and LA’s
  • Spill Response Teams:- Oil and Hazardous Substances
  • Environment Management liaison with the EA and Local Authorities
  • Team Management of Marine Salvage Support and Diving Services
  • Waste Identification and Disposal Management
  • Decontamination and Waste Transfer Station designed, built and operated with subcontractor assistance
  • Oily water Hazardous and Non Hazardous Liquid and Solid Waste Streams safely handled.


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