Specialist provider of Dynamic Positioning (DP) consultancy services for all types and classes of DP vessels.

As supplier members of the International Marine Contractors’ Association (IMCA), Braemar Engineering contribute to, and produce, internationally accepted DP documents and guidelines.

Our experienced team of specialist engineers has practical experience on all types of DP systems and the production of Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) documents. Their industry experience is unrivalled.

Dynamic Positioning

  • Braemar Engineering has a great deal of experience in the Dynamic Positioning (DP) sector. Our dynamic team of engineers and surveyors are keen to explore how different technologies can be used to challenge traditional ways of doing business, to our customers’ benefit.DP functions are co-ordinated between Braemar Engineering’s UK Head Office in Maldon, UK, Aberdeen, Scotland and Houston, USA..
    • Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)
    • Failure Mode Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
    • Annual DP trials
    • 5 year DP trials
    • DP assurance
    • AP audit
    • Incident investigation
    • DP operations manual
    • DP specification review

    Gap Analysis

    • FMEA – check that your FMEA has covered all critical equipment.
    • DP operations manual – verify whether or not your operations manual covers the entirety of your industrial mission.
    • Annual Trials – are you missing tests on critical components each year?
    • Proving Trials – will your proving trials programme cover all that is required?

    FMEA Services

    • Management – living Document FMEA which changes as the vessel changes
    • Update – update your FMEA to meet industry recommended practice
    • Upgrade – append your FMEA to reflect vessel upgrades
    • Newbuild – FMEA for the shipyard with client specific content

    Operating Guidelines / Activity Modes

    • WSOG (Well Specific Operating Guidelines)
    • ASOG (Activity Specific Operating Guidelines)
    • FISOG (Field Specific Operating Guidelines)
    • CAM (Critical Activity Mode)
    • TAM (Task Appropriate Mode)

Non Redundant System Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA)

  • Traditionally non-redundant systems such as cranes, gangways, pipe and cable lay systems, must be designed with fault tolerance in mind, for the safety of the operation. FMEA can be applied to systems such as these in order to find weaknesses in design as well as alert operators of potential failures.
    • Hazard Idendification (HAZID/HAZOP) studies including second stage DP failure
    • DP incident investigations
    • Expert witness support and arbitration
    • Bilge and ballast FMEA
    • Gangway FMEA
    • Pipe lay/cable lay system FMEAs
    • Pre-charter/pre-purchase inspections
    • DP design reviews and engineering support

Audits, Testing and Functional Verification

  • Our highly qualified engineers at Braemar Engineering carry out exhaustive verification of every system function and combination of functions cited in a proposed design, ensuring that it conforms to all performance and material requirements.
    • Design Verification Test Procedures (DVTP)
    • Periodic Safety Test Procedures (PSTP)
    • Common Marine Inspection Document (CMID)
    • Offshore Vessel Inspection Document (OVID)
    • DP assurance
    • DP audit
    • Annual DP trials
    • 5 year DP trials
    • Marine assurance
    • DP design review
    • Redundancy analysis