Asset Utilisation

We help shipowners survive exposure to debt crunches and avoid fire sales by finding reliable employment structures for their fleet.

Our specialists can facilitate fleet stabilisation, securing a steady cash flow and avoiding the need to make reluctant sales.

Market Opportunities

We propose structures that allow you to participate in market upswings whilst having enough income security to stay on top of loan repayments.

Reliable Income

Our fleet employment solutions provide essential revenue for shipowners facing liquidity crunches, offering a viable alternative to auctioning off ships during a low market.

Featured Case Study

Utilising a fleet to survive
a debt crunch and avoid
a fire sale

“Braemar arranged the entry of several vessels into a reputable income pool and negotiated index-based time charters with a rate floor for the rest of the fleet. This enabled the client to participate in market upswings while having the security of income to service their loans. Our structured employment concept prevented the major part of the current owner’s total fleet from being sold or auctioned in a low market, which ensured the company’s survival.”

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