Cross-Desk Collaboration

Our team of experts spans multiple disciplines, working together to provide a truly integrated service.

Whether you’re in an unfamiliar market or are facing new and unusual challenges, we utilise in-depth knowledge and experience to propose and implement novel solutions.

Breadth Of Service

Our diverse team draws on its unique experience to offer advice on vessel suitability, price and availability as well as potential collaborations.

Specialist Advice

We have experts from a range of backgrounds who can provide information on specialist vessels.

New Markets

Entering an unfamiliar market can be intimidating. We collaborate across disciplines to help you anticipate and overcome potential challenges.

Featured Case Study

Harnessing cross-desk cooperation to guide clients in unfamiliar markets

“A cross-desk initiative between Braemar’s dry bulk and tanker brokers resulted in the client feeling more comfortable in an unfamiliar market and deciding to charter two specialised tankers on multi-year charters.”

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