Sales & Purchase Brokerage

We match the right buyers with the right sellers, making us one of the world’s leading brokers of second-hand vessels.

Our network of relationships and in-depth market knowledge means that we’re able to quickly and efficiently pair reliable shipowners with trusted buyers.

Industry Intelligence

Our extensive contact base means that we’re able to recommend partnerships and proposals based on information that may be outside of public knowledge.

Global Contact Base

We are on the panel of almost all state-owned shipping companies and work with many of the leading shipping corporations. This gives us essential information on vessel demand and supply.

Financial Knowledge

Our financial team can suggest and structure innovative deals that benefit both parties.

Using Key Relationships And Market Knowledge To Quickly Source A Buyer

Number of Aframaxes that our client needed to sell quickly to avoid a liquidity crunch.

We used our network of industry contacts and market knowledge to source a buyer for all vessels within the required timeframe.

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