Loan Restructuring

Market slumps can force overextended shipowners to make reluctant sales. We restructure loans to help you navigate these periods and enable further growth.

Our financial experts provide specialist advice on loan portfolio pricing and management for financial institutions and loan restructuring for overextended clients.

Commercial Rates

Our analysts will evaluate restructuring options and source lenders or investors on the best commercial terms.

Careful Evaluation

We use detailed market data to analyse the respective strengths, weaknesses and probability of success of various restructuring options.

New Builds

We help companies raise capital and restructure existing loans when they want to expand their fleet.

Rescuing An Over-Extended Owner In A Market Slump

The outstanding debt of a Singapore-listed Offshore Support Vessel provider who needed to raise capital to avoid insolvency.

We identified the best investor and presented restructuring options that all stakeholders could agree upon. Today the company is debt-free.

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