Cost-Saving Solutions

We understand that clients face constant pressure to reduce transportation costs. Our range of cost-saving solutions will help you secure the best deals on the best terms.

A comprehensive contact base and in-depth knowledge of the shipping market allow us to suggest and implement innovative and economical transportation set-ups.

Reduce Transportation

Significant cuts in market prices can squeeze profits. We offer fresh options and creative solutions aimed towards reducing your cargo transportation costs.

Joint Ventures

We encourage mutually beneficial relationships between charterers, resulting in cost-effective partnerships that make the most commercial sense for both parties.

Address Major
Transportation Challenges

We can recommend alternative transportation set-ups that lower your capital expenditure, such as specialised vessels and transshipping options.

Negotiate New

Our experts can assess your existing contract and negotiate new business terms on your behalf to reduce transportation expenses.

Find The Best Deal

We will research all available options to make sure that you have the best deal for your requirements.


Saving two oil majors £1M via a co-shipping agreement


The total savings made in the first two years of our chartering co-arrangement.

This co-shipping agreement was created between two oil majors who were using similar shipping routes.

5+ Years

The venture has been creating cost-saving benefits for both companies.

This ongoing partnership continues to work to both of the companies’ advantages.

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