Recycling/End Of Life

Greener recycling can save shipowners money while improving their environmental impact. We can show you how.

Our market-leading advice provides transparency and clarity to shipowners who are deciding on the best way to dispose of vessels that have reached the end of their lives.

Regulatory Compliance

We monitor international environmental recycling laws to make sure that your recycling process follows the necessary regulations.

Environmentally Conscious

We will present sustainable green alternatives that follow appropriate employment laws and are not harmful to the local environment and community.

Financial Savings

Our full-time recycling brokers can advise shipowners on the best way to monetise the break-up of their end-of-life vessels.

Featured Case Study

Proving the commercial
value of sustainable
vessel recycling

“We presented the option of greener recycling in India, taking our client to witness and audit facilities. They are now not only using greener recycling practices but have also realised more financial value from recycling vessels versus scrapping outside of the Indian subcontinent.”

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