Shipping Investment Advisory

The global shipping market is a volatile and cyclical business. Evolving regulations combined with an increased focus on compliance and accountability means that shipping companies are under more pressure than ever to make careful, informed and justifiable decisions. We can help.

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Investment Consultancy

We facilitate all stages of shipping purchases and sales, with a focus on both protecting and maximising your investments. Our brokers work with corporate finance and market intelligence experts to help you make well-timed purchases and avoid expensive mistakes.

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New Build Advisory

When placing an order for a new build, timing is crucial. Our experts combine commercial and engineering expertise, continually monitoring the freight market and evolving regulatory requirements to provide shipbuilders and owners with up-to-date, informed advice.

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Sales & Purchase Brokerage

Our comprehensive network and extensive market knowledge allows us to swiftly match the right buyers with the right sellers. As one of the world’s leading brokers of second-hand vessels, we know that expediency is essential in creating a profitable outcome for both parties.

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Asset Valuation

We are one of the top two leading industry players in global vessel valuation. As a publicly traded company, we’re trusted by financial institutions and shipowners to provide independent and up-to-date pricing assessments.

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Recycling/End Of Life

Our comprehensive shipping investment support continues when vessels reach end-of-life. We lead the market in demonstrating the commercial and environmental value of sustainably recycling scrapped ships.

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Capital Raising and Corporate Finance

We provide the necessary contacts, experience and expertise to facilitate all elements of financing. Our specialists can assist with refinancing, restructuring balance sheets, raising capital, securing lines of credit and sourcing trusted lenders at the best commercial rates.

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M&A Advisory

We draw on financial and commercial expertise to help companies increase their value via commercial alliances and mergers. Our specialists will secure the right financial structure and manage the entire negotiation process.

Our Clients

We’re proud to have provided our shipping investment services to a wide variety of clients over the years. Here are just a few of the names we’re currently working with:

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