First Mover Initiatives

Our brokers have the knowledge and experience to spot market-first opportunities that allow our clients to take advantage of economies of scale.

We propose innovative solutions that leverage your purchasing power through unique and highly beneficial partnerships.

Identify Windows Of Opportunity

Our multidisciplinary team can spot opportunities for economies-of-scale initiatives that will place you as the first player to market.

Minimise Environmental Footprint

We help companies improve their environmental impact by facilitating the increase of shipment size, thereby reducing the amount of charters required.

Freight Savings

Our economies-of-scale frameworks can significantly reduce your freight costs.

Technical Knowledge

Our experienced engineers can offer advice on repurposing vessels to carry new types of cargo, including specialist goods.

Largest Ever Bulk Carrier Fixture From New Zealand

Weight of the largest ever bulk shipment of logs from New Zealand.

Our broker saved the client significant freight costs and minimised their environmental impact by facilitating the delivery that was twice the weight of a conventional logger’s load.

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