Asset Valuation

Greater compliance requirements and an increase in investors entering the shipping industry has created a growing demand for vessel valuation.

As a publicly traded company, we provide the latest independent pricing to financial institutions and shipowners throughout the world.

Percentage of banks with maritime interests who use Braemar to value vessel fleets.

Working with the vast majority of the world’s banks with maritime interests makes us one of the two leading players in this space.

Market Evaluation

We draw on our network of relationships and market information to assess movements in supply and demand.

Data Analysis

Almost all banks with maritime interests use our services to track movements in portfolio value and loan-to-value ratios.

Global Network

We provide valuation services to the majority of leading shipowners who are headquartered in every continent.

Trusted Accreditor

We are accredited to provide valuations for IPO, bond issue and other financial offer documents for the New York, London, Oslo and Singapore Stock Exchanges.

Vessel Valuation

Our team will take a range of factors into account when valuing a vessel:

Our analysts will assess the current charter market and future chartering forecasts.
Our financial team will consider the current market sentiment based on similar vessels on the market, including offers and negotiations that have been tabled or are underway.
Our engineering team will consider vessel specifications, yard build and main engine types.

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