Why shipbroking?

Shipbrokers are specialist intermediaries who facilitate the movement of goods and products, and negotiate between shipowners and charterers.

90% of world trade is carried by sea, which makes shipbrokers integral to the smooth functioning of the global economy.

Shipbroking is fast-paced, results-driven, and one of the most rewarding careers in the maritime industry. It can be a lucrative profession, but it is unlike a normal or routine job. It is a long-term endeavour, and one that you build towards and work upon every day. It can take many years to develop the specialist skills required to become a successful shipbroker.

What it takes to become a trainee shipbroker at Braemar

If you believe you have the drive, personality, and dedication to become a shipbroker, you should apply to join our trainee broker scheme.

Through our trainee broker scheme, you will have a golden opportunity to learn from some of the best shipbrokers in the world, to gain exposure to a diverse range of broking desks, sectors, and clients, and to become an expert in your chosen field.

A lot of time and effort goes into becoming a shipbroker. Even though the learning process is time-consuming, it cannot be skipped. We take this initial learning phase extremely seriously, which is why we need to be sure that you are committed to the development process.

A strong work ethic is essential as shipbroking requires you to be completely focused on delivering value and results to clients.

Successful shipbrokers develop life-long relationships with clients that are based on trust and exceptional service. For this reason, our trainee broker scheme instils good habits and professionalism early on in your shipbroking career.

Shipbroking requires considerable collaboration and communication with your team. You will need to learn how to build mutual trust among your team members. To produce this kind of philosophy, we have structured our trainee broker scheme in a manner that prioritises teamwork skills, and ensures that you have opportunities to become involved deeply in the activities of various teams.

While huge rewards and results do not come overnight, if you have the dedication and desire to learn from experienced colleagues your shipbroking career will advance rapidly.

With much to learn it is imperative that you receive the right type of training, support, and development within the best environment possible. Our trainee broker scheme is laser-focused on equipping you with the best learning opportunity to kickstart your shipbroking career.

What qualifications do you need to become a shipbroker?

You do not need to hold a university degree or shipping-related professional qualification to become a shipbroker.

We seek individuals who have the character and capability to become a shipbroker – whether they have strong academic credentials or not.

However, you will be expected to clearly demonstrate an interest in shipping or related field, and relevant degrees or shipping qualifications will be taken into account.

What our trainee broker scheme covers?

Our trainee broker scheme starts with a six-month rotation, where you will gain first-hand experience working on multiple broking desks, start to build your skill set, and acquire basic knowledge of the functions of various broking desks.

Right from the outset you will need to absorb considerable amounts of information, and you will be expected to pick up new skills at a fast pace. Our trainee broker scheme focuses on giving you the opportunity to learn quickly and enables you to gain meaningful practical experience.

What will you learn?

The first six months of our trainee broker scheme is a trial period. Only those who complete the six-month rotation successfully will be offered permanent employment.

After completing your trial period, you will move to the next stage of our trainee broker scheme where your development is focused on building the core skills required to succeed on a specific broking desk. From there, you should expect your personal development as a trainee shipbroker to become more intensive, rigorous, and rewarding.

There is no exact timeline to complete our trainee broker scheme. Each broking desk is unique and there is no “one-size fits all” solution when it comes to your training and development. There is no secret, no miracle to memorise, and you will need to adapt to the highly nuanced nature of the shipbroking profession.

However, we would expect you to become competent in most of the basic shipbroking skills within two years.

You will receive direct instructional support as a trainee, but our support and encouragement will only take you so far in the initial stages. There is considerable onus on you to take initiative and get it noticed. You will also need to seek feedback from your more experienced colleagues at every opportunity – whether positive or negative.

Completing our trainee broker scheme will be a significant milestone and will only occur when you have immersed yourself in the basics of shipbroking and demonstrated your potential. Your progress and development will be tracked by several experienced shipbrokers, and our chief executive officer will formally acknowledge your accomplishment once you have successfully completed our trainee broker scheme.

What are the next steps?

Each September we enrol selected individuals onto our trainee broker scheme. To submit your application, please click Trainee Broker Scheme Application.

Please note the following timetable for our trainee broker selection process:

*Candidates must be eligible to work in the UK.

STAGE ONE – Submit your application.
The application process is now closed and will reopen in 2024.

STAGE TWO – Group interview
If your application is shortlisted, you will be invited to attend our offices in London. You will gain a more detailed insight into our business and our trainee broker scheme. You will meet our shipbrokers and they will answer any questions you may have. The Group interview will be conducted mid -June.

STAGE THREE – HR interview
If you pass the Group interview stage, we will invite you to have a conversation with several members of our hiring team. They will primarily explore your interest in shipbroking at Braemar. This will be conducted at our offices in London at the end of June.

STAGE FOUR – Final interview
We will invite the finalists to our offices in London during July for a panel interview with several senior shipbrokers.

We will write to you at each stage of the selection process to inform you of your progress.

Useful tips and advice to enhance your application

We want to hear from individuals who have the drive, determination, and capability to become a successful shipbroker.

We look for individuals who have or show tenacity to stick at the training and development required to become a successful shipbroker.

We believe the “right” individuals are those who remain committed, consistent, and persistent throughout the selection process.

In our experience, a “successful” shipbroker can deliver superior results consistently, no matter the challenges or circumstances. They are natural problem-solvers and have an innate drive to succeed.
Your application is unlikely to stand out if it’s unoriginal. Simply telling us that you are “ambitious, passionate, and dedicated” will not be persuasive. Instead, we encourage you to consider why shipbroking is the right career for you, and why your skills and experience will make you a good fit for us.

We recognise that you may have limited or no experience in shipbroking. In which case, you should consider examples in your education, career, or general life experience that you believe demonstrate your willingness to put in an astounding amount of effort to achieving a goal.