Decision Making Model

Large-scale charterers who want to update their cargo transportation set-up are often faced with a complex and confusing range of options. Our Decision Making Model simplifies and facilitates the process, making it easier to evaluate the cost-benefit of each scenario.

Our custom-built model provides you with the most economic and time-efficient shipping method by calculating the cost of all potential options.

Size of our client’s contract, which covered 300 voyages per year.

Our Decision Making Model was successfully used to determine the optimum shipping method, giving the client greater confidence to remain with their original Contract of Affreightment.

Making The Right Decision

As shipping fleets age, charterers need to decide on new cargo transportation set-ups that deliver the best value for money. Options include moving to another owner, booking single voyage fixtures or shifting to time-chartering vessels – all of which include different potential costs and risks. When a client’s contract goes to market, our Decision Making Model instantly assesses different tenders to find the most cost-effective option.

Bespoke Scenario Modelling

Our DMM assists charterers who are choosing between a Time Charter, Contract of Affreightment, Spot Business or a combination of each option. By entering your specific requirements (grades, ports, quantities), we can present the cost of each voyage scenario.

Compare Multiple Scenarios

Our scenario comparison tool allows charterers to create, save and compare multiple alternative voyage options.

Evaluate Existing Contracts

By identifying the most economic and time-efficient shipping method to fulfil their needs, charters can establish whether their existing deal is the most cost-effective for their requirements.

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