Creating &
Protecting Deals

We pair the right shipowners with the right charterers, striving to find the best fit that will ensure long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

We introduce new players to the market and create relationships between companies who may not have previously considered a joint venture as an option. We structure long-term framework agreements that provide stability for clients in spot-driven markets.

Reduce Transportation Costs

Keeping transportation costs low is crucial to a charter’s profitability. We help charterers find the right shipowners without alerting the market and pushing up prices.

40 Years Of Experience

We use our influence and reputation to give shipowners the confidence to work with new charterers, securing the right commercial flexibility and operational guarantees.

Facilitating Relationships

We can serve as a mediator between parties to ensure cooperation and flexibility, even once competitive terms and conditions have been agreed and the cooperation has begun.

Innovative Chartering Strategies

Our team can propose novel transportation strategies to reduce costs, such as purchasing older, larger PSVs at very low prices that can also be used on future projects.

Creating Significant Savings For A Client In A Spot-Driven Market

Amount that our client saved vs. the spot market due to the deal that we established and maintained.

We negotiated competitive time charters with two offshore vessel owners to help our client mitigate substantial vessel costs.

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