Shipping Risk Advisory

Our integrated corporate finance and brokerage teams protect your business against the turbulent price movements and cyclical liquidity crunches that are commonplace in shipping markets.

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Derivatives Brokerage

Braemar Screen is the first bespoke trading tool for FFA derivatives, providing clients with the most granular and up-to-date pricing data across multiple dry cargo vessel categories. Using this innovative technology platform, our derivatives brokers work in tandem with our physical brokers to hedge against major rate changes, protecting your business from volatile price fluctuations.

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Asset Utilisation

The cyclical nature of the shipping market leaves shipowners and charterers exposed to liquidity crunches. We safeguard your business by presenting viable employment structures for your fleets, stabilising your cash flow and helping you to avoid forced sales.

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Loan Restructuring

Market slumps are inevitable. Our financial experts will help overextended businesses negotiate these challenging periods by sourcing appropriate lenders and investors, offering specialist advice on loan restructuring and securing the best value commercial terms.

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Loan Portfolio Management

We combine industry-leading commercial, technical and financial expertise to offer comprehensive assessment and pricing of complex distressed loan portfolios for financial institutions and other investors.

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Carbon Offsetting Brokerage

The environmental regulations and requirements of the shipping industry are constantly evolving. We provide practical advice and education on how shipowners can follow new carbon offsetting chartering policies set out by shipping companies.

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Shipping Risk Advisory

We’re proud to have provided our shipping risk services to a wide variety of clients over the years. Here are just a few of the names we’re currently working with:

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