Investment Consultancy

We facilitate shipping sales and purchases to help you make confident and informed investment decisions.

Our end-to-end service includes sourcing sellers and buyers, valuing assets, forecasting potential returns and structuring financing to maximise your investments.


We created the first independent benchmark of earnings in the chemical vessels market.

By providing transparent data for the entire market, clients were able to make more informed, precise investment decisions.

Sourcing Sellers & Buyers

We draw on our comprehensive contact base to provide you with a list of suitable sellers and buyers.

Asset Valuation

Our understanding of complex market analytics means that we can provide detailed information on the value of your assets.

Forecasting Potential Returns

We can help you to predict future income by analysing market data and evaluating your financial set-up.

Financial Structuring

Our corporate finance experts can advise you on how to optimise your financial framework.


Our experienced brokers work with corporate finance and market intelligence experts to create bespoke forecast models that help you assess the right time and price to invest. This forecasting provides clear data in complex markets, helping shipowners accurately assess future earnings.

One example of this is our J19 Index, an independent benchmark of earnings for the stainless steel J19 fleet over 19 routes across the world. The J19 Index can be viewed at Braemar Screen and is updated every month, making it a vital tool for both shipowners and charterers.

Shipowners can compare their own fleet earnings with the Index to see if they are in sync with the market.
Investors can analyse detailed historical earnings data to make sure they’re making the right purchase.
Charterers can use historical market data to model potential scenarios related to their strategy, including environmental regulation and earnings projections.
The combination of insightful data and decades of experience allows us to advise you on the optimal time to make your investments.

Featured Case Study

Structuring finance to
help build a portfolio
in a new market

“We helped to establish the best positioning for our client’s growth strategy in a new market. Our team sourced a seller, valued their portfolio and assisted the client with deal negotiations until completion. We also structured a competitive and flexible financing package for the acquisition, which ultimately became a club deal involving two international banks.”

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