Freight Consultancy

Our freight and transportation service allows companies to access international shipping without requiring an in-house operations team.

From early-stage ventures to market leaders facing major transportation challenges, we provide the specialist operational and logistical support that you need.

Market Forecasting

Our analysts provide regular bespoke research reports and market forecasts to help you overcome challenges and make the most of any potential opportunities.

Global Shipping

International shipping is a complex and challenging process. Our freight and transportation service lets you outsource operations and logistics to experienced specialists.

Future Planning

Improved freight intelligence and an understanding of future costs will help you plan for future logistics, costs and contracts with greater confidence.

Increasing Chartering Activity By Providing Outsourced Freight Operations

Length of an ongoing exclusive agreement with a client who outsourced their chartering requirements to our team.

By providing insightful freight and market intelligence, we vastly improved their chartering activity and continue to handle all of their chartering and operational matters.

Talk to one of our chartering specialists today.