Loan Portfolio

We deliver the most comprehensive assessment and pricing of complex distressed loan portfolios for financial institutions and other investors.

Our integrated team combines commercial, technical and financial expertise to assess and price loan portfolios.

Risk-Adjusted Returns

Our financial specialists determine the right price that will attract a bank while delivering a reliable return on investment.

Commercial Valuation

Our Chartering and Sales & Purchase brokers work together to assess the commercial value of fleets.

Due Diligence

Our shipping engineers conduct technical inspections of the vessels to ensure a clear and accurate valuation.

Loan Assessments

Our corporate finance specialists model and price each loan in a portfolio based on their performance.

Preparing The Right Bid For A Complex Loan Portfolio
6 Weeks

The turnaround time to deliver an assessment of a highly complex shipping fleet loan portfolio with distressed debt.

Our comprehensive commercial, technical and financial assessment led to two hedge funds acquiring the portfolio and realising a strong return on investment.

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