Market Access

We provide direct access to a wide range of market data, delivering essential insights across the shipping industry. Freight and commodities traders benefit from live pricing and tools for technical data analysis. Financial and analytical clients can view shipping supply and demand fundamentals as well as historical pricing across the full spectrum of commodity and shipping markets. We also offer business intelligence applications for specific sub-sectors of the shipping and offshore market.

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Braemar Markets

Our comprehensive and detailed shipping research tool gives financial and analytical clients access to our proprietary data on freight, asset and commodity prices. It also provides a wealth of statistics on cargo movements (in partnership with Vortexa), shipping demand and the development of the world’s shipping fleets.

You’ll gain access to the insights and informed predictions of our shipping analysts as well as the daily (or weekly) market commentary of our brokers. Our advanced charting tools enable a quick and simple visualisation of comparable data sets, while also offering the ability to pull data into internal systems using an API.

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Braemar Screen

Our bespoke trading tool for FFA derivatives trading provides clients with more granular and up-to-date pricing data across multiple dry cargo vessel categories. This web-based platform includes live FFA and fuel prices, intraday charting with technical analysis and a live trade ticker from EEX. It generates over 10,000 data points per day, giving our 750+ users access to an unrivalled toolkit that they use to navigate volatile freight markets.

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Braemar Offshore

Our digital platform delivers in-depth market intelligence specific to the offshore energy sector. Clients and stakeholders gain a better perspective and deeper understanding of volatile offshore markets through access to live vessel positions and availability, the latest spot and term fixtures as well as outstanding requirements. Our brokers will analyse this information and create reports featuring expert market insight. The platform also allows you to search for vessel, charterer and asset specific information (including historical fixtures) as well as access live weather maps and forecasting.

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Braemar Offset

We are the only shipping service that offers a complimentary service to help clients offset their chartering activities online. Our carbon offsetting accounting tool provides real-time dollar-per-tonne data of CO2 carbon offset, allowing you to manage carbon offset requirements both past and present. This is achieved via globally accredited projects, each of which go through a diligent assessment for inclusion.