To ensure our clients always charter the best ship for their needs, we built the most comprehensive, detailed and accurate technical vessel database in the shipping industry.

Our powerful vessel database will help you save time and money by chartering precisely the right vessel for your requirements.

Number of merchant ships listed on our database

Our vessel database covers every single merchant ship in the world.

Going Further

The majority of shipbrokers purchase technical data from a centralised commercial entity. To give our customers every advantage, we created the most comprehensive, detailed and accurate database of all of the merchant ships in the world.

Environmental Benefits

One of the many advantages of this superior database is the ability to analyse exactly how green any one vessel is (semi-eco, eco or super-eco), ensuring that the charterer can adhere to any carbon offsetting policies set by shipping companies.

The Right Choice

Chartering the right vessel with the right technical specifications is crucial for charterers.

Expert Maintenance

Our vessel database is maintained by a dedicated ex-naval engineer and his team of three who check and correct the data on a daily basis.

In-Depth Analysis

They’re able to examine each ship at a granular level, providing detailed analysis of its technical characteristics.

Clear Direction

This enhanced level of insight allows us to provide clearer, more informed advice on how charterers can acquire the best ship for their specific needs.

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