Capital Raising
& Corporate Finance

A successful capital raise can be fraught with obstacles. We facilitate all elements of financing to help you navigate these challenges.

We draw on our extensive list of contacts and corporate finance expertise to help clients raise capital from the best lenders in the industry.

Optimising Capital Structures

Our team of financial experts analyse existing capital structures to propose innovative streamlining and optimisation solutions including debt-to equity swaps and conditional capital increases.

Fleet Renewal And Expansion

We help raise capital from trusted lenders at commercial rates, allowing companies to renew and expand their fleets.

Restructuring Balance Sheets

We recommend new ways to structure balance sheets so that you’re able to attract more reputable lenders.

Securing Credit

The shipping industry is incredibly volatile for shipowners. We help secure lines of credit for companies who need to improve their financial position.

Raising funds for shipowners in challenging Asian markets

Total transaction volume for the five product tankers that we helped our client acquire.

We sourced capital at very competitive rates, allowing our client to expand its tanker fleet from 35 to 40 vessels.

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