Carbon Offsetting

Publicly listed as well as privately owned companies face increasing pressure to reduce their emissions. Offsetting provides one of the few ways to rapidly improve a carbon footprint.

We deliver practical guidance on how to offset emissions, offering crucial education and understanding in this new area.

Compulsory Regulation

The introduction of the European Trading System means that tanker owners will face compulsory regulation in the EU from 2023. We can help prepare a clear and actionable response.

Financial Overview

Our specialists will carry out practice voyages to accurately estimate the carbon emissions of a voyage and present viable offset options as well as their respective costs.

Contact Database

We’ll use our extensive industry network to introduce you to companies who specialise in carrying out carbon offsetting processes, or through our in-house service, Braemar Offset.

Braemar Offset

Braemar Offset enables clients to offset their activities online through globally accredited projects.

Featured Case Study

Guiding clients through the carbon offsetting process

“We provided practical advice and education on how to offset carbon emissions to an organisation of independent tanker owners whose publicly listed customers were under increasing pressure to reduce emissions. Our team presented the offset options and their costs, giving the tanker owners a clear and actionable process with which to implement a carbon offsetting charter policy for their customers.”

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